Noûs in a couple of words

Noûs is an off beat marketing company which places the human at the heart of its values, offering you a creative, digital and ethical communication that touches your target(s) in the heart.

Today, creating or offering good products or services is not enough. Customers don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. Marketing needs to be humanly reinvented in order to bring audiences with shared values together.


Together, we define a strategy and communication that will maximize a relationship of trust, positive influence, and shared goals with your current and future networks and therefore allow you to reach your growth objectives.

"In philosophy and in Greek antiquity, noûs is the mind, the intellect, the reason."


"An off beat agency with an acquired taste" 


Bring a new, offbeat and innovative approach to communication using the vision and tools of Generation Y.


Promote and support the youth and our young talents while respecting our ethical chart.


Our ethic chart

Our ethic chart




Who are we?


Our talents from the Y Generation

We are from Generation Y, the first to be "digital native". We want to bring you a new form of communication that breaks the codes of current marketing while keeping our ethics and adapting the tools and vision of our generation to your values.

We are a perfect mix of young, hard working individuals bounded by two main ingredients : passion and respect.  Passion to surprise you and innovate while respect is reflected in our ethical chart and our commitment to you.

Our experienced partners

Our experienced partners coordinate our talents. They are linked to projects and support the creative talents of Y Generation. They have the will to bring a new form of direct marketing (H2H: Human to Human).

Our Strength

For each of your goals, we combine passion and innovation to surprise you.



Your communication strategy has no secrets for us.



Creation is an art, let art express itself.

Off beat Lab

Off beat concept that you have never imagined before.


Surprise, innovate these are our goals for your next event.



Live motion, report, music video ..


Let the words speak.



Off beat Lab


What if we start with a good coffee?


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